Aug. 4th, 2015

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Sep. 19th, 2007

sick of this yet?

VERY good summary of the train wreck that has been LJ/6A since this past Memorial Day. Its in chronological order, HEAVY on the supporting links and documentation and all told, about 11 pages worth of SixApart's sucktacular business model.
It should be worth noting that the Attorney General of California has expressed an interest in coming into this, given the amount of complaints they've gotten about SixApart lately. Within that post itself, there is a link to the various consumer alert and fraud reporting agencies of California, where the business of SixApart is based.

Sep. 17th, 2007

Oh BOY...

LJ will now be mining your data, starting in 10 days, which in conjunction with the witch hunt tactics of the last four months is rather upsetting. It looks benign at first, but they're basically looking at where you go in the website.
They say they'll only be sampling 5% of the existing LJ population, but they make no mention of HOW they'll notify these people that they're being watched.

Thankfully they give you instructions on how to opt out with only a little whine that it would skew the data.
Fuck the data I say...they've been attempting to fuck over the user base since May. Time for something of a cock block I say.

Tin foil hat wearers might go further and assume that by opting out, it'll signal to LJ that you're up to something illegal and thus SHOULD be watched, but I'll take my chances with the opt out.


So the other day LJ/6A handed the corporate reigns over to someone new.

In other words, the previous CEO (possibly) tucked tail and ran. However this appears to be something of a behavioral norm for him, so I'm not holding my breath that he was fired/forced out by this whole debacle. Chances are he was going to anyway, and the mishandling of recent events was only a catalyst.
In a blatant "FUCK YOU" to the user base, however, LJ has turned off comments in their announcement post about the new CEO. Originally they were just screening, but in either event, LJ doesn't want discussion (or nasty commentary) about this new development in the LJ Kerfuffle Drama.
LJ users being resourceful little weirdos that they are (and yes I count myself in that) they go to the post that preceded the CEO announcement and make use of the left over comment space there.

You'd think they'd have dug deep enough by now.

Sep. 4th, 2007

This is an interesting site which lists the reports to the Better Business Bureau about Six Apart/Livejournal's sucktastic customer service since Memorial Day, and the response which Six Apart's lawyer has deemed to give.

The attorney's response?
All the people that got banned were pedophiles/criminal. Also, what are you talking about, TOS violations?

ETA: A summary of a recent 9th District case, which pretty much says that NO, companies can't change the ToS without notifying the user base. There is a need for clarification, in that this doesn't seem to directly address those ToS already agreed to that HAS that "sign your life away" aspect of things. However, the timing of this is RIGHT before the second round of LJ/6A Insanity broke out. If this is why LJ/6A is holding out, they're still morons...they're just morons with an eye on a possible ruling that could bring a whole round of class action on their asses.
Amazingly, if this is the case, I applaud LJ/6A for not making changes until this matter gets settled in the Ninth District.
It doesn't save them from the simple fact that they simply aren't TELLING anyone this, and that their customer service has been sucktacular as well as paranoid in the extreme.
A breakdown of exactly what the court case could mean. Notice the discussion about online/interactive websites, in being able to notify your user base with a mass email. Amazingly SIMPLE ain't it?
Also, it points out that changes to POLICY isn't generally something that people need to be notified of (but its still good customer service). It does state (page 4) that generally notifying your userbase of changes made to policy is a good idea anyway, to avoid "running afoul" of the various laws and commissions out there. They say this concerning Privacy Policies, and not the DCMA/Takedown policies, but...Given the scenario of an artist posting to an FLocked post, on their own journal, couldn't they...yanno...expect that level of privacy?
Essentially, when LJ/6A goes in with the banhammer, they're gathering information about you, for the purpose of deleting/suspending/permabanning, and once they do that, the public starts to know. They've used your data, in a way I'm assuming you wouldn't agree to. Hopefully one would keep a professional journal separate, but if words gets out that you were banned for *insert reason*, then isn't that a violation of your privacy?
Nevermind the libel and defamation aspects of it. Everybody is going to be up and in your face, wondering why YOU were banned. Sure, its easy to turn off the computer, but when the banhammer is being swung with the overused cry of "CHILD PORN!!"...
Well, let's just say I'd be a little more than pissed off if LJ/6A decided to label me as such.

Aug. 30th, 2007

Continuing 6A/LJ fuckups...

More on the whole debacle...

Summary: If you post a link to something, and the content at the other end of that link changes, YOU are responsible. It's up to YOU, the user/writer, to continuously comb over your links to make sure they're still worksafe and not linking to objectionable material.

I'd like to see this actually happen. As [info]liz_marcs points out, how many of us have posted hundreds of links in our time on LJ? Do you really want to have to go through your entire journal, on a consistent basis, to make sure past links can't get you in trouble?
Nevermind that ANYONE can report you now, not just LJ members. It can be some right wing fanatic or a liberal freak, who takes issue with something you posted, and your ass is (potentially) grass.

Its really getting to be not worth it. This affects more than just Fandom realms at this point. Its bleeding into the "normal" populations.
The BanHammer knows where you blog.

ETA: More links for you to consider...
In which LJ goes against itself and says that posting links that are of interest to the (LJ) community at large, are OK. Even if the community in question is teaching you how to be anorexic or pushes the idea of Bible based child abuse. By this stretch of logic, posting a picture of a Prince Albert piercing on a piercing service community SHOULDN'T get you in trouble...but again...the BanHammer knows. And its not telling what it knows.
SlashDot article about this whole thing. Its really a summary of everything above, but some of you might like SlashDot more.
Pornish Pixies' moderator has been trying to get a clear answer out of LJ/6A. To no avail really...LJ/6A continues to hem and haw over answers and provides us, the users, with nothing. Pornish Pixies has been in this mess since the beginning, and they're doing their best to stay on top of this.
The above link is worksafe as since this whole debacle started Pornish Pixies slammed down and became FLocked and Members Only. What is up there, is worksafe.
Tho this is where I point out that being FLocked doesn't help save you from the BanHammer...if its on LJ's cache and someone reports you, you're in it neck deep.

Aug. 16th, 2007


Bit of a follow up to last night, from one of the other artists involved.

Love it LJ...LOVE IT.

Aug. 15th, 2007

the shit pile keeps growing

So. Keeping with the things that can get your ass in trouble with the LJ/SA Hit Squad.

Things in THEIR cache can get you in trouble. You can go through the steps of deleting. You can go through the steps of altering everything to include warnings and age limits. But unless you know the ways to totally clear it from the host server cache, you've earned yourself a "strike" in this whole debacle. Because the LJ Abuse Team can find it there and hold it against you.
This is the sort of thing a person has to go digging for in order to find it. And someone still had the time on their hands to report the person in question. There's either a mole in the HP Community or its fandom turning in on itself. Or both...I'm always partial to include the worst case scenario. I'm just a natural pessimist, really.

But the strike was made according to how the abuse team saw it. Not that the artists' intent had any effect in their decision making. Didn't matter that the artist had taken steps to remove and/or alter the content in question, even BEFORE the new rules were put in place. A handful of people is deciding what passes for 18 (or any other standard) in a community at large.
Little too much of "Animal Farm" if you ask me. Not necessarily in the same context, but certainly the same idea. There is a central group that has set itself up to police the internet world of fandom...without knowing a thing about it. I certainly welcome the Temperature Overlords, but I don't welcome the Thought Police. Not in my happy little world.

I've been reading the debates that what fandom does is essentially illegal. We're infringing on copyrights and trademarks and we're doing it by making those copyrights and trademarks have sex with each other. I have to say, I kinda agree. We are doing something that is, in effect, illegal. If you read the laws, they are there. We're in the legal wrong.
But not only is it LAUGHABLE to try and enforce laws on the internet (hello lying? Hello International User?!) but, I think without the fandom world at large, a lot of these things (Harry Potter, Anime, BSG, ANYTHING) wouldn't be doing as well as it has. Fans drive the purchasing and marketing power. We share, we giggle behind our hands and we want to buy that particular action figure/novel/painting please.
The trademark holders let things slide. Because by sharing a fanfic that some newb thinks is interesting, we've just brought them (the parent company) that newb's income.

And it's the ripple effect from there.

Which isn't to say that fandom is in the right. Hell, I'll admit my taste for the occasional shota comic isn't in the BEST taste. It's pretty perverted and in some countries would get me in a heap of trouble. But I don't really give a shit what other people think of my tastes. Unless they want to share in it, then I'm perfectly willing to discuss what it is that brings us to the fandom. I'm breaking the law by owning a piece of shota work, but I'm not about to go photocopy the pages and spread them around at work. Plus, they're FICTIONAL. Yay legal loopholes.Personal exposition that can be skipped )

Getting back on track...
Fandom and The Corporates Who Produce It live in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Sometimes its harmful to one another, but ultimately they feed off each other. We (the fans) bring in the money and in return The Corps turn the other way and see what's next in the feeding trough Fall Season Line up.
So in someway, I think that if there's going to be ANY policing going on around here it should be the Corporations that do it. They at least have a clue as to what goes on in the world of Fen. They'd have to if they want to stay on top of the income. :/

Not that I want any sort of policing, really. For me, it's rather STUPID to try and enforce American rules on an International body such as the internet. Sure we do it all the time on items such as toys (recent lead paint recall in which OUR standards were not met by the CHINESE ones) and food, but those are tangible things. Those are things we need for daily life and survival (okay, not really). But we could also make them here, if we weren't so interested in the Bottom Line.
Thoughts and intent are not tangible. Legality and morality is not the same across the board. Interests differ and age of consent ain't the same here as it is over there. Should we hold someone in Britain/Japan/Outer Mongolia to the same artistic standards as an American when they post something that is against American law?
Of course not. They shouldn't have to know our laws when it comes to something they produce. If they're within their own laws then who cares if Harry happens to look 16 and is boffing Hagrid.
Not my personal choice, mind you, but my back button works and I know how to read warnings.

In someways it's like explaining to the UCD Administration that what DAC does (did?!) is still perfectly within rights. No one over here held the copyrights, we were complying with Japanese laws when it came to public viewings, until there were American laws there was really nothing UCD needed to enforce or regulate and dear lord no we weren't making a profit. We only used UCD's facilities with their permission and courted their students but beyond that, we held no affiliation with them.
A small body within another larger body, only by chance, capable of governing itself according to its own rules and regulations.
Huh. Imagine that. Its possible.
If anything, the moral codes should be held by the fandom community.
We also shouldn't have BNFs that people get bloodthirsty over, but I never said I was dealing with a level headed group did I?

Personally, I'm more inclined to sit back and let the fandoms continue as they are. If they truly suck then its fun to sit back with the popcorn and watch them fizzle out and die quietly. If they've got sticking power, then maybe they're worth checking out. If they aren't my cuppa, then I simply go look elsewhere.
We lasted this long without the "help". I think we can go a bit longer.

Crossposted to my extra journals, so apologies if this hits you more than once.

Aug. 13th, 2007

...So SixApart posted some "clarification" on the latest kerfuffle.

Dang, but I don't trust them. Not one bit.
Nevermind that fanart is still lumped in with child pornography by the time you get to the end of the entry. Fandom is still being targeted and as someone who wallows in fandom-fantasy for her entertainment, I can't say I'm pleased.

If I had the means, I would pull any money I have with them right now. My paid journal doesn't expire until April, and I just WISH that wasn't the case. I don't want to be invested, time or money, in LiveJournal or SixApart anymore. My hackles are so far up on anything they've done in the last two months that I just really don't want to continue with them. I don't trust them anymore. Even though I will not likely ever be effected, personally, I don't agree with the way things are going.
I do still post to/read LJ because, unfortunately, most of my IRL friends are on there...I wish I could encourage you guys to move. Draconian Journaling just isn't safe for anyone.

It still makes me sad that LJ has tanked this fast and this badly. I've been on here five years way too long, and that's not including the time I spent on DreamJournal or DeadJournal before being convinced to join the fray at LJ. It had a lot of potential back in 2002.
Now I just kinda see it as a floating bloated corpse on the ocean. Not much too it, but it might sustain the fishes for a while. *shrug*

In all seriousness, if SixApart hasn't done anything to remedy this situation (and by that I mean they need to be WHOLLY transparant and not just reinstating journals after deleting them in a panic and then dealing badly with the fallout and demands for explanation) then I will be migrating journals entirely. InsaneJournal really does hold a LOT of appeal for me right now. Greatest Journal is okay, but not really for me and JournalFen just...yeah. Not happening too much.

On a related note, [info]liz_marcs posted a link to an article which describes the current cultural climate in America right now: Idiot America.
(The first link goes to the actual article, but that has ads and other annoyances. The second link goes to a reposting of the article in someone's journal, sans ads.)
I must say...I agree whole heartedly. Emphatically. While laughing my ass off.

The article (and some material) may be two years old at this point, but it remains strikingly relevant. Strangely too, he also manages to convey exactly what it is about cultural anthropology that I hated but couldn't articulate; that its all emotional and from the Gut. There's hardly a logic process to it and, simply put, that drives me insane.
My only question is, when did this Idiot America start taking hold? It couldn't have been 9/11, because we already could see it emerging back then. Is it our parents' generation or is it ours? I certainly remember my generation being a little more stable in the logic department while growing up...Science was a pretty big thing, still, in the 80s. From where I stood, my generation was practically steeped in it; Space Shuttles (the NASA program was just getting started), lasers (Xray laser research was getting off the ground), medical research (transgenic mouse anyone?), space weaponry (star wars, and NO not the movie), computers (Apple and IBM)...
Robotic dinosaurs.

Hey, I gotta include one of my own personal memories in there... ^__^

My point is, my generation would have had to be living in a very isolated place to avoid all this. When did the momentum of science and curiosity grind to a halt, to be replaced with idiocy and fanaticism? When did having an education and being intelligent become the evils of our society?

Aug. 7th, 2007

This is a pretty good summary of exactly WHY I'm bailing out of LJ like a rat on a sinking ship. EVEN YOUR FLOCKED OR FILTERED MATERIAL IS SUBJECT TO DELETION IF THE LJ REVIEW TEAM DOESN'T LIKE IT. All it's gonna take is one person offended and reporting, and POOF...there goes your LJ and, thanks to the new TOS, (which they never announced, but put up right before the perm account sale, how convenient) there is NO recourse for you to get your money back or your content.
Sure, I don't post fics or art like I used to, but when I did I could have fallen under these categories. Hell, I'm sure some of my old HP art is still out there on various comms, if you dig deep enough, and I'll be damned if Ginny could pass muster in a few of those.
But that's not the point. The point is, I don't agree with this shit. Witch Hunt is a good summation of this whole pile of festering idiocy, and I don't want to be a part of it, financially or just by being here. I don't agree with the way Six Apart has(n't) handled things, I don't agree with these new draconian policies and I refuse to be part of it.
Heck, even the original creator of LJ is bailing out of SixApart, tho reasons as to why are varied.

I'm once again plugging Insane Journal. Squeeky, the owner and moderator of IJ, has stated it will take a court order or a DCMA letter for him to consider removing content. He still encourages you to put up a disclaimer if you do post questionable content, but thats just common sense.
If you want to move your content over, LJSec lets you move your entries and some content. It will NOT bring over moods, tags, comments or icons, but the bulk of your LJ is your own entries usually. You can use LJSec to move entries to any other journal that uses the LJ Code, such as GreatestJournal, Insane Journal or Journal Fen.
I will say, from personal experience and reviews, you're better off moving to IJ if you have a lot of content like I do. It took FOREVER to back up to GJ and it stalled out several times in the downloading. But I did manage to back up the entirety of my LJ to GJ. And I backed up 2007 to my IJ in nothing flat.
Heck, if you have a MAC (since these are all Windows programs) change your password (or not, depending on trust levels), and have someone move your entries for you. I did that for [info]hopeofdawn last night.
There are also other programs like LJBook which lets you download EVERYTHING from your LJ as a PDF file. It does include all comments made, but it won't upload to a different journal. You can use this program on a MAC.
Semagic lets you post to multiple journals at the same time, but I've heard its kinda iffy on the reliability factor. *shrug*

There's also ways of posting via Wordpress, to multiple sites, but damned if I know how to do it. ^^;;

I'm probably going to be downloading Semagic since most of my fandom seem to be scattering to the wind over the various journals, and most of my friends are staying put (for now) at LJ. I'd like to keep up with everyone, but LiveJournal just...isn't worth it anymore.