August 2015


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This is a pretty good summary of exactly WHY I'm bailing out of LJ like a rat on a sinking ship. EVEN YOUR FLOCKED OR FILTERED MATERIAL IS SUBJECT TO DELETION IF THE LJ REVIEW TEAM DOESN'T LIKE IT. All it's gonna take is one person offended and reporting, and POOF...there goes your LJ and, thanks to the new TOS, (which they never announced, but put up right before the perm account sale, how convenient) there is NO recourse for you to get your money back or your content.
Sure, I don't post fics or art like I used to, but when I did I could have fallen under these categories. Hell, I'm sure some of my old HP art is still out there on various comms, if you dig deep enough, and I'll be damned if Ginny could pass muster in a few of those.
But that's not the point. The point is, I don't agree with this shit. Witch Hunt is a good summation of this whole pile of festering idiocy, and I don't want to be a part of it, financially or just by being here. I don't agree with the way Six Apart has(n't) handled things, I don't agree with these new draconian policies and I refuse to be part of it.
Heck, even the original creator of LJ is bailing out of SixApart, tho reasons as to why are varied.

I'm once again plugging Insane Journal. Squeeky, the owner and moderator of IJ, has stated it will take a court order or a DCMA letter for him to consider removing content. He still encourages you to put up a disclaimer if you do post questionable content, but thats just common sense.
If you want to move your content over, LJSec lets you move your entries and some content. It will NOT bring over moods, tags, comments or icons, but the bulk of your LJ is your own entries usually. You can use LJSec to move entries to any other journal that uses the LJ Code, such as GreatestJournal, Insane Journal or Journal Fen.
I will say, from personal experience and reviews, you're better off moving to IJ if you have a lot of content like I do. It took FOREVER to back up to GJ and it stalled out several times in the downloading. But I did manage to back up the entirety of my LJ to GJ. And I backed up 2007 to my IJ in nothing flat.
Heck, if you have a MAC (since these are all Windows programs) change your password (or not, depending on trust levels), and have someone move your entries for you. I did that for [info]hopeofdawn last night.
There are also other programs like LJBook which lets you download EVERYTHING from your LJ as a PDF file. It does include all comments made, but it won't upload to a different journal. You can use this program on a MAC.
Semagic lets you post to multiple journals at the same time, but I've heard its kinda iffy on the reliability factor. *shrug*

There's also ways of posting via Wordpress, to multiple sites, but damned if I know how to do it. ^^;;

I'm probably going to be downloading Semagic since most of my fandom seem to be scattering to the wind over the various journals, and most of my friends are staying put (for now) at LJ. I'd like to keep up with everyone, but LiveJournal just...isn't worth it anymore.