August 2015


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...So SixApart posted some "clarification" on the latest kerfuffle.

Dang, but I don't trust them. Not one bit.
Nevermind that fanart is still lumped in with child pornography by the time you get to the end of the entry. Fandom is still being targeted and as someone who wallows in fandom-fantasy for her entertainment, I can't say I'm pleased.

If I had the means, I would pull any money I have with them right now. My paid journal doesn't expire until April, and I just WISH that wasn't the case. I don't want to be invested, time or money, in LiveJournal or SixApart anymore. My hackles are so far up on anything they've done in the last two months that I just really don't want to continue with them. I don't trust them anymore. Even though I will not likely ever be effected, personally, I don't agree with the way things are going.
I do still post to/read LJ because, unfortunately, most of my IRL friends are on there...I wish I could encourage you guys to move. Draconian Journaling just isn't safe for anyone.

It still makes me sad that LJ has tanked this fast and this badly. I've been on here five years way too long, and that's not including the time I spent on DreamJournal or DeadJournal before being convinced to join the fray at LJ. It had a lot of potential back in 2002.
Now I just kinda see it as a floating bloated corpse on the ocean. Not much too it, but it might sustain the fishes for a while. *shrug*

In all seriousness, if SixApart hasn't done anything to remedy this situation (and by that I mean they need to be WHOLLY transparant and not just reinstating journals after deleting them in a panic and then dealing badly with the fallout and demands for explanation) then I will be migrating journals entirely. InsaneJournal really does hold a LOT of appeal for me right now. Greatest Journal is okay, but not really for me and JournalFen just...yeah. Not happening too much.

On a related note, [info]liz_marcs posted a link to an article which describes the current cultural climate in America right now: Idiot America.
(The first link goes to the actual article, but that has ads and other annoyances. The second link goes to a reposting of the article in someone's journal, sans ads.)
I must say...I agree whole heartedly. Emphatically. While laughing my ass off.

The article (and some material) may be two years old at this point, but it remains strikingly relevant. Strangely too, he also manages to convey exactly what it is about cultural anthropology that I hated but couldn't articulate; that its all emotional and from the Gut. There's hardly a logic process to it and, simply put, that drives me insane.
My only question is, when did this Idiot America start taking hold? It couldn't have been 9/11, because we already could see it emerging back then. Is it our parents' generation or is it ours? I certainly remember my generation being a little more stable in the logic department while growing up...Science was a pretty big thing, still, in the 80s. From where I stood, my generation was practically steeped in it; Space Shuttles (the NASA program was just getting started), lasers (Xray laser research was getting off the ground), medical research (transgenic mouse anyone?), space weaponry (star wars, and NO not the movie), computers (Apple and IBM)...
Robotic dinosaurs.

Hey, I gotta include one of my own personal memories in there... ^__^

My point is, my generation would have had to be living in a very isolated place to avoid all this. When did the momentum of science and curiosity grind to a halt, to be replaced with idiocy and fanaticism? When did having an education and being intelligent become the evils of our society?