August 2015


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the shit pile keeps growing

So. Keeping with the things that can get your ass in trouble with the LJ/SA Hit Squad.

Things in THEIR cache can get you in trouble. You can go through the steps of deleting. You can go through the steps of altering everything to include warnings and age limits. But unless you know the ways to totally clear it from the host server cache, you've earned yourself a "strike" in this whole debacle. Because the LJ Abuse Team can find it there and hold it against you.
This is the sort of thing a person has to go digging for in order to find it. And someone still had the time on their hands to report the person in question. There's either a mole in the HP Community or its fandom turning in on itself. Or both...I'm always partial to include the worst case scenario. I'm just a natural pessimist, really.

But the strike was made according to how the abuse team saw it. Not that the artists' intent had any effect in their decision making. Didn't matter that the artist had taken steps to remove and/or alter the content in question, even BEFORE the new rules were put in place. A handful of people is deciding what passes for 18 (or any other standard) in a community at large.
Little too much of "Animal Farm" if you ask me. Not necessarily in the same context, but certainly the same idea. There is a central group that has set itself up to police the internet world of fandom...without knowing a thing about it. I certainly welcome the Temperature Overlords, but I don't welcome the Thought Police. Not in my happy little world.

I've been reading the debates that what fandom does is essentially illegal. We're infringing on copyrights and trademarks and we're doing it by making those copyrights and trademarks have sex with each other. I have to say, I kinda agree. We are doing something that is, in effect, illegal. If you read the laws, they are there. We're in the legal wrong.
But not only is it LAUGHABLE to try and enforce laws on the internet (hello lying? Hello International User?!) but, I think without the fandom world at large, a lot of these things (Harry Potter, Anime, BSG, ANYTHING) wouldn't be doing as well as it has. Fans drive the purchasing and marketing power. We share, we giggle behind our hands and we want to buy that particular action figure/novel/painting please.
The trademark holders let things slide. Because by sharing a fanfic that some newb thinks is interesting, we've just brought them (the parent company) that newb's income.

And it's the ripple effect from there.

Which isn't to say that fandom is in the right. Hell, I'll admit my taste for the occasional shota comic isn't in the BEST taste. It's pretty perverted and in some countries would get me in a heap of trouble. But I don't really give a shit what other people think of my tastes. Unless they want to share in it, then I'm perfectly willing to discuss what it is that brings us to the fandom. I'm breaking the law by owning a piece of shota work, but I'm not about to go photocopy the pages and spread them around at work. Plus, they're FICTIONAL. Yay legal loopholes.
(For me, it would be the "realistic" aspect of shota, from a purely psychological point. Is your average 12 year old the model of purity, white lace and chastity? Fuck no...I was a horny little brat back then. I'd discovered my mom's porn collection when I was 10. I knew what went where, and wow...that looked like it could feel...kinda good. It wasn't the best method of learning, but neither is trying out so many boys to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. So for me, the whole idea of a pre-teen being in control of their sexuality enough to know about it, is appealing. Does it make their choice of partners a good one? Yeah, probably not, but I'm not about to care when they're fictional. When it comes to the real ones, I'm a little more wary as I don't think decisions I made when I was 25 were smart, let alone back when I was 12.)

Getting back on track...
Fandom and The Corporates Who Produce It live in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Sometimes its harmful to one another, but ultimately they feed off each other. We (the fans) bring in the money and in return The Corps turn the other way and see what's next in the feeding trough Fall Season Line up.
So in someway, I think that if there's going to be ANY policing going on around here it should be the Corporations that do it. They at least have a clue as to what goes on in the world of Fen. They'd have to if they want to stay on top of the income. :/

Not that I want any sort of policing, really. For me, it's rather STUPID to try and enforce American rules on an International body such as the internet. Sure we do it all the time on items such as toys (recent lead paint recall in which OUR standards were not met by the CHINESE ones) and food, but those are tangible things. Those are things we need for daily life and survival (okay, not really). But we could also make them here, if we weren't so interested in the Bottom Line.
Thoughts and intent are not tangible. Legality and morality is not the same across the board. Interests differ and age of consent ain't the same here as it is over there. Should we hold someone in Britain/Japan/Outer Mongolia to the same artistic standards as an American when they post something that is against American law?
Of course not. They shouldn't have to know our laws when it comes to something they produce. If they're within their own laws then who cares if Harry happens to look 16 and is boffing Hagrid.
Not my personal choice, mind you, but my back button works and I know how to read warnings.

In someways it's like explaining to the UCD Administration that what DAC does (did?!) is still perfectly within rights. No one over here held the copyrights, we were complying with Japanese laws when it came to public viewings, until there were American laws there was really nothing UCD needed to enforce or regulate and dear lord no we weren't making a profit. We only used UCD's facilities with their permission and courted their students but beyond that, we held no affiliation with them.
A small body within another larger body, only by chance, capable of governing itself according to its own rules and regulations.
Huh. Imagine that. Its possible.
If anything, the moral codes should be held by the fandom community.
We also shouldn't have BNFs that people get bloodthirsty over, but I never said I was dealing with a level headed group did I?

Personally, I'm more inclined to sit back and let the fandoms continue as they are. If they truly suck then its fun to sit back with the popcorn and watch them fizzle out and die quietly. If they've got sticking power, then maybe they're worth checking out. If they aren't my cuppa, then I simply go look elsewhere.
We lasted this long without the "help". I think we can go a bit longer.

Crossposted to my extra journals, so apologies if this hits you more than once.