August 2015


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Continuing 6A/LJ fuckups...

More on the whole debacle...

Summary: If you post a link to something, and the content at the other end of that link changes, YOU are responsible. It's up to YOU, the user/writer, to continuously comb over your links to make sure they're still worksafe and not linking to objectionable material.

I'd like to see this actually happen. As [info]liz_marcs points out, how many of us have posted hundreds of links in our time on LJ? Do you really want to have to go through your entire journal, on a consistent basis, to make sure past links can't get you in trouble?
Nevermind that ANYONE can report you now, not just LJ members. It can be some right wing fanatic or a liberal freak, who takes issue with something you posted, and your ass is (potentially) grass.

Its really getting to be not worth it. This affects more than just Fandom realms at this point. Its bleeding into the "normal" populations.
The BanHammer knows where you blog.

ETA: More links for you to consider...
In which LJ goes against itself and says that posting links that are of interest to the (LJ) community at large, are OK. Even if the community in question is teaching you how to be anorexic or pushes the idea of Bible based child abuse. By this stretch of logic, posting a picture of a Prince Albert piercing on a piercing service community SHOULDN'T get you in trouble...but again...the BanHammer knows. And its not telling what it knows.
SlashDot article about this whole thing. Its really a summary of everything above, but some of you might like SlashDot more.
Pornish Pixies' moderator has been trying to get a clear answer out of LJ/6A. To no avail really...LJ/6A continues to hem and haw over answers and provides us, the users, with nothing. Pornish Pixies has been in this mess since the beginning, and they're doing their best to stay on top of this.
The above link is worksafe as since this whole debacle started Pornish Pixies slammed down and became FLocked and Members Only. What is up there, is worksafe.
Tho this is where I point out that being FLocked doesn't help save you from the BanHammer...if its on LJ's cache and someone reports you, you're in it neck deep.


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